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BIO:I have over 25 years experience as a MAD MAN on Madison Avenue. I worked for five of the largest and most celebrated ad agencies in the world. I was instrumental in creating multiple million dollar campaigns (some you would certainly remember) for many brands you see and use today. This gives me a strong an unique edge, and I can safely say no other real estate agent can provide.

I went on to build and run three business. You can be assured I run a tight ship and with my associates we provide you with the absolute best real estate experience you can have. We know all facets of this business. I have successfully negotiated contracts for multi million dollar properties to the more reasonable ones even as low as $68K. Yes no job is too small. If things look hopeless I find a way to make it a win win for you and us.

With our combined experience you will not find another company that can give you all the services Realtychecs can. - Lou Marek

If Your Time Is Valuable, Then Spend It With Me.

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Spring is here!! The real estate business is blooming here in the mountains. Lots to do to prepare for those buyers looking and those owners wanting to sell.

Many Details!

There are so many details in buying or selling a home the overall stressor is making a mistake!

You can mitigate the mistakes by finding a partner who is thoroughly familiar with the area and can guide you through the myriad of 50 documents or more, lenders, HOAs, appraisals, inspections, negotiations with the other side, time limits, new regulations and laws, escrow rules, escrow fees, and the unforeseen issues that can come from nowhere. An experienced agent is more focused on your best interest!

 With all the information out there...which is the right information: In this, the age of the immediacy, instant gratification, the Internet, social marketing, texting,  email, video conferencing, video chat, 3D room analysis etc., you can get buried in all the information you have at your fingertips and like most people, too much information has a reverse effect, what to believe, which is true and most important.

I know your Time is valuable and that is why you should spend it with me.

Lou Marek

You Are Lucky Enough!

If You Are Lucky Enough To Live

In the mountains....