Dear Lou, I will post another Zillow and Yelp review once we have closed and I have the time...I will make the time.

You have been absolutely the BEST REALTOR I've ever dealt with. You have gone the extra mile each and every time something has come up I can't thank you enough and especially for taking such care of my precious Bree.

I would love to have you be my REALTOR if I buy something around here if you want to be. And of course you would be the only one I will come to when I move back in 4-5 years!!

You have held my hand throughout the process and guided my dramatic soul when we hit the bumps. You are awesome.

Dear Lou,
At last I have a chance to write to thank you for the amazing work you did selling my little cabin in Crestline! 

"Thank you" is really insufficient to express my gratitude. You really did 'hold my naively nervous little hand' every step of the way!  You were so patient with my stressed out craziness. You carried that burden and calmly explained away so many anxieties, that you could have been my shrink, rather than my real estate agent! 
Your knowledge of the process and the pitfalls, and your people skills, led me through the maze of home selling and soothed my worries time and time again. So thank you for your hard work, and for the skilled handling of me and my sale. 

 I have now, just today, closed on my new dwelling up here in Oregon. It would never have happened without you and your expert assistance! You are invited to visit any time! :-) Thank you and may blessings fall like rain!

Claudia G.


You Can Afford To Live In Paradise!

Joel & Arlene / Marina Del Rey

I have known Lou for a number of years, first as a brilliant artist who created outstanding murals on the walls inside our home. He is honest and hardworking and as I learned a knowledgeable and experienced marketing and sales executive. Now I am working with him to enhance the marketing and sales effort on one of my properties in San Clemente, California.

Claudia/ Valley of enchantment

Lou helped me find and buy my cabin in Crestline, CA.. He and his associates helped me with all aspects of my house hunt, offering, purchase procedures, inspections. He was always there to support me in all phases of my first home purchase. I would highly recommend Lou Marek to a friend or stranger. You'll have a great agent in Lou.

Claudia craig/ Crestline

Lou Marek helped to find homes for three friends of mine. I urge anyone who is looking for a home (first or second) in the San Bernardino mountains to contact him right away. You will enjoy his company and benefit from his local experience.

Auturo / La Puente

I am currently working with Mr. Marek to find a property in the mountains. I have found him highly knowledgeable and plan to continue my association with him.

If you are looking for property in the San Bernardino mountains I can suggest no better agent to guide you.

gwen & Dennis/ Los ANgeles

When my family decided to move into the mountains and away from Los Angeles we knew a lot about what we didn't want and not much about what we did want.

Lou was masterful at drawing out our likes and dislikes and the reasons for them. The very first house he showed us was the one we bought. Of course we insisted on looking at a lot more properties just because we thought we should. Lou knew best.